Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have an App?

Why yes! Download for iOS or Android.


Do you have lockers?

Yes, lockers with combinations are provided.



Do you have water or do I have to bring mine?

Yes, we have both water bottles and a filtered water fountain for your empty container.


Do I need to create an account?

Yes, it is important that you create an account to lock in your class. Remember, your first class is free so creating an account doesn't mean you are locked into any contract or anything like that!


Do I have to have bike shoes?

No, you can use your own shoes with our cage that will securely keep you in the crank/pedal. If you have bike shoes, our pedals are compatible with SPD style clips.



How early should I come? 

For your first time with us, we recommend arriving 15 minutes before your class. Please note, that if you have not signed-in 5 minutes before class starts, your bike may be released. If you are running late, please give the studio a call and we will hold your bike for up to 10 minutes after class begins.


What do I need to wear?

We suggest comfortable clothing that allow you to move freely.


How does it work when I get there?

Please check-in at the front desk.  Our instructors are available to assist you with your bike.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations can be made using your account online. They must be made 12 hours prior to your scheduled class. Once class is cancelled, the class will be returned to your package to use at a later date. Failure to cancel 12 hours prior to class, will result in the loss of that class. Those with an unlimited plan, will be subject to an open rate charge of $20.

Our cancellation policy is an effort to ensure fairness, and allow everyone an equal chance to attend all our classes.

Cycle Scape thanks you for your understanding and continued support!


Don’t forget! Bikes will be released 5 minutes prior to class to standby riders- So please don’t be late.